Загадки на английском языке

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I am always hungry,
I must always be fed,
The finger I touch,
Will soon turn red.


Lives in seas and rivers.
His hands are like two pincers.
As round as a cab.
Who is it? — It’s...

A crab

Look at my face and you see somebody
Look at my back and you see nobody.


I am purple, yellow, red, and green
The King cannot reach me and neither can the Queen
I show my colours after the rain
And only when the sun comes out again


There’s white and milk and dark
These three types you might eat
As a type of candy
It really can’t be beat.


Green and long
With many teeth.
Beautiful smile —

A crocodile

So colorful and bright,
Is fond of talking much.
Likes eating carrot
It is...

A parrot

What has a face and two hands but no arms or legs?


A very long nose.
It grows and grows.
Не is huge and likes fun.
It is...

An elephant

I can be thin or thick.
I have a lot of pieces of paper.
I usually have pictures, too.
You can read me.

A book

I am a pet.
I like mice.
I have nine lives.
I purr and meow.

A cat

A lot of spots.
A long, long neck
A funny scarf

A giraffe

As red as fire,
With a fuzzy tale.
He likes long walks.
It is …

A fox

I am a yellow fruit
That you might eat at lunch
When there’s a group of me
We are known as a bunch

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